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Imagine the outdoor living space of your dreams. Our staff will turn those dreams into reality, starting with a professionally designed landscape plan. Installation is then brilliantly executed with attention to detail and utmost care.

When you’re ready for your own outdoor living space, call the experts at Green Bay Nursery.  Take a look at some of our projects below.  (click on an image to see more)

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Professional Landscape Planning Services

We give FREE Price Estimates within 15 miles of our Garden Center.  Landscape Designs & Ideas generated by Green Bay Nursery remain the property of Green Bay Nursery until the landscape project is purchased. Speak with one of our Landscape Designers for more details.

Some Items to consider when planning your outdoor living space.

Decide how the space will function most often. Will it serve as a backdrop for intimate morning coffee or a place for family fun? Then plan the space to allow for the maximum number of people and activities.

Include a detailed lighting plan in your space design. Keep in mind lighting needs for entertaining or nighttime reading.

Add some sound. It can be as extravagant as a waterfall or stereo speakers or as simple as wind chimes or a nearby bird feeder.

Create seat walls and a pergola for extra seating and defining your space.

Incorporate plants in decorative or unique containers. Use them as accessories to add color to your space.

Make creative use of pavers to give a warmer feel to your patio and compliment the style of your home.

Surround your outdoor living space with beautiful gardens that redecorate themselves with the changing of the seasons.